Erotic Encounters A Proposition by Dackable

“You know what you need mate?” Alex put down his glass of water.

“A painless divorce,” Stan replied pouring himself another glass of Shiraz.

“That’s true Stan but Alex thinks you need a good old fashion root with no strings attached. A grand wham bam thank you mam!” Jocelyn clicked her glass of Riesling against Stan’s glass. “It’ll do your ego good.”

Stan turned three shades of red. He had traveled to Sydney for a much-needed break from Canberra. His life had seen more turmoil in the past 6 months than he could ever recall in his past 35 years. Alex had moved from Canberra five years previously and recently married a crazy yank whom they both loved teaching Aussie slang to. The couple seemed a good match. He was pleased his best mate found his love match but couldn’t understand why his own marriage had crumbled.

“I’m just not that sort of guy. Marty and I were supposed to be for life. Crikey, I’ve only made love with her and vice versa. “

Alex retorted,” It’s always best to try before you buy.”

“You should know Alex. You certainly did with me.” Jocelyn kissed Alex’s hand.

Stan was rarely at a loss for words but the couple had him stumped. He blushed again.

“Honestly Stan, I am just as Christian as you are but I think it’s time you sowed a few wild oats.” Jocelyn sipped her Riesling.

Stan looked at his friend in disbelief. “I can’t believe what your crazy yank is saying. Can’t you control her?”

“That’s a reason why he married me. I am so unpredictable.” She giggled.

“Actually it’s cause you’re great in bed.” Alex quipped.

Jocelyn looked directly at Stan. “If I wasn’t married to Alex I’d give you a go!”

“I can’t believe she said that!” Stan gulped his Shiraz.

“No worries mate. She’s just teasing you. You bite so well.”

“He can take care of himself. He can give it as well as he can take it. I am serious though. He doesn’t know what he’s missing but then again neither am I.” She smiled wickedly.

“Does she have any single mates?” Stan asked half jokingly.

Jocelyn sat silent for a few moments. “None in this area,” She responded, “but I will let them know you are interested.”

“Mate, I can take care of my own love life.” He chided her jokingly.

“I’m sure you’re capable. Just do yourself a favor and experiment a little more before you settle down.” Her blue eyes sparkled with mirth.

“Whatever you say mum!”

“Now that’d be a miracle! You’re a year older than me.” She motioned for the ticket.

They walked from the restaurant to the Singleton’s house. Jocelyn’s mind raced wishing she could help Alex’s mate. She wanted Stan to be happy but it seemed as if all he experienced lately was disappointment. If only she could help him, it appeared her hands were tied.

After they got into the unit, Stan and Alex sat in the living room reminiscing. Jocelyn listened smiling at the antics revealed. The phone rang. She grabbed the handset going into the computer room to answer the call. It was her friend Candy who had moved to Melbourne due to a promotion she received in her marketing job. She was now an operations trainer for a high market department store.

“Hey Candy! What’s up?” Jocelyn greeted.

“How’d you know it was me?” Candy’s voice replied.

“Caller id. It’s a wonderful thing.” Jocelyn responded. “So what’s up?”

“I’m coming up to Sydney next week. You want to catch up? I haven’t seen you in ages. It’s a bloody shame you didn’t go for the position as well. We’d have a blast going around the country together.”

Jocelyn laughed heartily. She had just moved continents. She had no desire to travel her new country without her husband. “I am quite content in Sydney. I’ve never thought I’d be here. Besides, I don’t work for your company. I’d never have a hope to get the position.”

“Geeze Jocelyn, you’re pretty good. You’ve got a friendly disposition but whatever you say. So can we meet up for coffee or what?”

“Which day?”

“Friday afternoon say around 5 pm.”

“Why don’t you come over for tea? You can meet Alex and see the unit.”

“You’re in Homebush near the Olympic Grounds?”

“No Homebush proper not Homebush Bay. Tell you what. I’ll meet you at Strathfield station so you won’t get lost. Say on platform 8 around 4:45.”

“OK, sounds good. See you then.” Candy hung up the phone.

Later that night while Jocelyn snuggled up to Alex’s back she snaked her hand down his belly to his crotch.

“Candy’s coming over for tea this Friday. I’m meeting her at Strathy. She thought we lived in Homebush Bay. I explained we lived in Homebush proper.” She felt him getting hard.

“Everybody makes that mistake,” he moved closer to her than turned so that he was flat on his back. She kissed his mouth. He kissed her back probing his tongue into her mouth.

She moved her hand from his cock. She felt bad that Stan had no one. “Maybe we should wait until tomorrow. I feel so bad for Stan.”

Alex explored Jocelyn’s breasts. He found her nipples. They responded to his touch. He kissed her tenderly. “I know love. It’s pretty awful.”

She sighed contentedly. ”I’m feeling so horny but I’m gonna be too loud. I normally am.”

Alex chuckled. He took a nipple into his mouth. “What’s wrong with that? I love your voice. I love your moans.”

She took his cock back into her grasp. “You’re bad.” She felt him getting harder.

“I didn’t start this,” He replied with mock disdain.

“Yeah, well I am gonna finish this!” She mounted him as soon as he was hard enough. She slid down on top of him in one fluid movement.

He didn’t think she was ready for penetration but when he entered her, he felt the moist walls enclose him. She seemed tighter tonight. “Did you take pills?”

“No,” She countered, “you did. You got much bigger.”

It was a joke between them. Every time she felt tighter she claimed he had grown inches. He had suggested she do exercises but she never did. It just happened naturally to both their great surprise.

She was trying her best to stay quiet. The unit had brick walls but Alex always knew how to give her the greatest pleasure. He helped her reach the orgasms she thought weren’t possible. As she rode him, he fondled her breasts. She felt the orgasm building inside her. His hips bucked with her rhythm. She was moaning and groaning with gusto.

So much for being quiet. She thought disgustedly to herself. Stan’s going to know what we are up to. She gave up on the idea of hiding her pleasure and gave in to the passion which always gave Alex heightened pleasure too.

The next morning Stan stumbled into the kitchen. Alex and Jocelyn were eating cereal.

“That was some concert last night,” Stan broke the silence.

“Oh gosh, was the neighborhood bar real loud last night? Didn’t you get any sleep?” Jocelyn rose from the table to put on the kettle. “Want some tea?”

Stan sat down at the table. “A cuppa would be lovely. The concert I heard was in this place. The soprano was quite good.”

Alex snickered. Jocelyn turned 3 shades of red. She accidentally clanked the mugs together while she tried to contain her embarrassment.

“I wonder if there’ll be another concert tonight.” Stan stated.

“You’ll have to stay to find out.” Jocelyn countered hoping her statement would make him blush.

“As much as I would like to, I have lawyer fees that need to be paid so I’m off to Canberra later on today. I have the early shift tomorrow.” He tried to seem nonchalant with his response.

“Well that’s a pity!” Alex chimed. Enjoying the interaction between his best mate and his wife. It was good they all got along so well. Alex placed a clean bowl and spoon on the table while Jocelyn made the tea.

After breakfast Stan and Alex loaded his car for the trip back.

“It’s great you’ve got Jocelyn. She’s fun.”

“That she is.”

“She got a sister?” Stan joked.

“Several but they are all married.”

“That’s okay mate. I don’t need a relationship.”

Jocelyn snuck up on Alex putting an arm around his waist. “What you need is a good ole wham bam thank you mam root.”

Stan blushed again.” She certainly doesn’t beat around the bush.”

“Why do you think I snapped her up!” Alex kissed Jocelyn’s forehead.

“You could use some beating around the bush…. Better yet in the bush.”

“On that note, I’d better be on my way. The day’s a wasting.” Stan wished he wasn’t blushing so much.

Jocelyn hugged Stan tightly. “Take it easy mate. See you when we go down to Canberra. Don’t be a stranger.” She punctuated her statement with kisses on both cheeks.

“No worries mate!” Stan shook Alex’s hand. “Take it easy.” He got in his car. His friends waved as he pulled away.

Jocelyn arrived on platform 7 of Strathfield station at 4:40 pm Friday. She looked to see if Candy had arrived yet but she doubted her friend would be there already. Candy was notorious for arriving late in grand style especially if it was to be a friendly get-together. She was pleasantly surprised to see Candy standing at the entrance of the concourse to platform 8.

“Is this true?” Jocelyn rushed up to hug her friend. Candy smiled. Her green eyes were mischievous.

“You act as if I’m always late.” She pushed her blonde hair out of her face.

“Normally you are.” Jocelyn started heading up the ramp to platform 8.

“When does the next train go to Homebush?” Candy asked.

“Three minutes since you’re early. Come on let’s go!”

The friends headed up to the platform. “I have some bad news Jos.” Candy announced at the top of the platform.

“Uh oh, what happened?” Jocelyn looked at her friend full of concern.

“I won’t be able to stay till tea. I have another meeting at 7 which means I only have an hour with you.”

“Dang, I wanted you to see Alex. At least I can show you the wedding photos.”

The train arrived. They boarded. Candy went to sit while Jocelyn stood. Only one stopped she mouthed but Candy stayed seated. The train slowly made its way to Homebush Station.

The doors opened and the girls made their way up the steps to head out of the station. Jocelyn lead the way across the Crescent to the side gate that lead to her unit.

“So how’s Melbourne?” Jocelyn asked while unlocking the door to the unit.

Candy followed Jocelyn into the unit. She was tired of chitchat and just wanted to be frank. As Jocelyn moved to the kitchen, she waited for Candy’s response. The silence was becoming oppressive. “Would you care for a cuppa?”

“Coffee please,” Candy sighed.

Jocelyn put the kettle on. She went into the fridge for the milk and coffee bags. After she put out the cups and sugar, she looked Candy directly in the eyes. “What’s up?”

“We’ve always been frank right?”

“That’s how we get along so well so spit it out.”

“I’m so horny it’s not funny.”

“Tell me something new.”

“I like to have a screw in every port.”

Geeze, you are being frank.” Jocelyn poured the water into their cups.

“You see my problem is.” she hesitated. “ I want a challenge but I don’t know what kind. I don’t want an easy lay.”

Jocelyn went into the living room and came back with a photo frame. She placed it in front of her friend.

“The wedding party?” Candy studied the picture. “Who’s the blonde bloke? He’s got a nice smile.”

“That’s Stan. He’s Alex’s best mate. He’s going through a rough patch too. He’s in the middle of a divorce. He’s only been with his wife which isn’t a bad thing but I think he needs to sow some wild oats. He thinks he can only do it in a commitment.”

Candy’s eyes went wide. “You mean he’s old-fashioned!”

“Fair dinkum,” Jocelyn tried the phrase she learned from Stan.

“He’s living in Sydney?”

“Nope, he’s in Canberra. He lives there.”

“Even better,” Candy’s voice lowered. “Do you know where he hangs out?”

“Some clubs around Civic but we meet up with him a lot at the Tradies. He’s got a friend who works security there. They’re old school chums.”

Candy laughed wickedly. “Well, I think you’ve helped me get out of my rut Jos.”

“Stan’s not your usual run of the mill bloke. He’s very strict morally.” Jocelyn warned.

“All the better,” Candy sipped her coffee. “Pass the biccies please! Where are the rest of the wedding pics?”

Candy was pleased as punch when she found out she was staying at the Tradies hotel. This would make her stake out all the easier for the elusive Stan. The security guard was a big muscle-bound man who was on the phone with a man named Stan. The two men were meeting up at the Private Bin around 1 am. Candy smiled to herself as she waved goodbye to the man to head upstairs to ready herself for her first encounter with Stan.

Since she was traveling constantly she didn’t have the luxury of lots of changes of clothes. She also wasn’t sure what Stan would find attractive but she was a confident woman. Her trim frame looked great in practically anything she chose. Her instincts told her she would never go wrong with her little black dress so she changed into the number. She added more make-up for the nightclub.

The taxi dropped her off in front of the Private Bin. She glanced at her watch. The hands showed 20 past midnight. She entered the foyer. To her left she noticed people in flannelettes. She felt over dressed for that scene. Straight ahead of her she noticed an area which appeared to be a coffee bar. She didn’t feel like coffee. When she glanced to her right she noticed two bouncers at the bottom of a staircase. The one standing on the left was collecting money and stamping hands while the one on the right checked for stamp marks. She joined the queue to head upstairs pretty certain that Stan wasn’t a flannelette sort of bloke.

She looked over the second floor. She saw the dj booth far to the back of the dance floor, which was centered. There were two bars on opposite ends. Lounge chairs were on the outskirts of the dance floor. Tables with chairs filled the rest of the area.

Retro 80’s were playing on the sound system. She made her way to the bar finding a spot where she could keep an eye on the entrance and dance floor. She ordered a bottle of Merlot. The bartender smiled pouring the glass trying to make small talk even though other patrons were anxious to place their orders.

Many of the single guys tipped a glass her way. She smiled demurely but the glint in her eye told them that she wasn’t interested. She glanced at her watch hoping it was after one. She was sadly disappointed to notice it was only 12:40. How was she going to kill twenty to thirty minutes? The bartender, Max, returned to see if there was anything else he could help her with. She bantered with Max easily enough. Max was a friendly bloke who didn’t know her. She asked him if he knew Stan. He knew several Stans. She finished the bottle of Merlot.

“G’day Blake, what’ll be? Where’s your right hand Stan the Man,” the barmaid standing beside Max asked.

Candy’s ear perked at the mention of Stan. She peeked at the man the barmaid questioned. Blake was the security guard from the Tradies. Her heart began to race. Candy motioned for Max who came to her. She asked for another bottle of Merlot.

“Stan’s gone to the booth to request a song from Boone. Give me two VB’s.” He noticed Candy glancing his way. He smiled amiably. She was staying at the hotel where he worked. She was a nice looking Shelia with big green eyes, blonde hair, and not a bad rack in the front. He nodded at her. She smiled back coolly. It wasn’t the sort of smile that conveyed interest, which he found rather disappointing. Perhaps she had found someone already. He paid for the beers, collected them, and headed towards the dj booth.

Candy looked at the dj booth. There was a tall, dark man spinning the records. A shorter man with blonde hair entered the booth hi-fiving the dj. They began talking. Blake made his way to the blonde handing him the schooner of VB.

Now was the opportunity she had been waiting for three weeks for. She was pretty certain that “Stan The Man” was Jos’ mate who needed to sow his wild oats. All she had to do was make it happen. She sipped from her glass. IT wasn’t as if she needed it for courage. She was pretty far-gone from the bottle she had previously consumed on her vigil. It was more like a habit she performed in her ritual of acquisition.

The bass filled the air more as she neared the dj booth. Boone glanced at her first. She was hoping Stan would have made eye contact with her first. She recognized Stan standing beside Boone. Blake was on the dance floor grooving to the beat with an auburn beauty with long legs but no boobs. She cleared her throat. “Hi, could you please play Candy by Cameo?”

“Sure it’ll be in about 15 minutes.” Boone replied. “I’ve got requests queued up already.”

“Righty-oh,” she responded.

“Is it a special request for someone special?” Boone kept talking while Stan was looking at the vinyls pulling them out from a list.

“He doesn’t know I exist but I want to be his Candy.” She replied.

“Lucky bloke,” Boone added her song to the list. “Does Mr. Non-Existent have a name and what’s yours?”

“His name is Stan and he’ll know mine soon enough.” She laughed wickedly when Stan looked up at the sound of his name. She sauntered off waiting for the dj to play her tune.

Stan looked at Boone who looked at him with admiration. “Why you looking at me like that? I don’t know that Shelia.”

“You’re saying that it’s a coincidence that she said your name.”

“I’m not the only guy in Canberra named Stan.” He rolled his eyes.

“Bet you 50 that when I play Candy she’ll ask you to dance.”

“You’re on. If you win, it’d better not have been a setup. Otherwise, I’ll be very aggro with you.”

“Mate, never bet unless it’s a certainty. By the way that woman moves I’d say it’s certain you’re “her” Stan. This’ll be the easiest 50 quid I ever made.”

Boone was eager for his 50 quid so he quickly put Candy’s request to the forefront. Candy made her way to the dj booth. Boone nudged Stan who looked up. His blue eyes met green eyes that were smiling. “Care for a dance?”

Stan glared at Boone who smiled like a chessercat. She was swaying to the beat waiting for him to exit the booth.

He left the booth trying to figure out who had set him up. When they got into the center of the crowded floor Candy began to grind up against him. She pressed herself up against him rubbing her breasts against his chest. Her mound pushed against his groin. No woman had ever danced so suggestively with him. The crowded dance floor became even more congested as Midas Touch blended into the end of Candy.

“How do you know me?” He couldn’t keep the accusation out of his voice. “Who put you up to this?”

“Is that any way to speak to Candy?” she cooed. “Don’t you think I am attractive? I think one part of you does!” She ground herself against him as the dance floor filled.

Stan felt his face flush but was glad it was so warm on the dance floor because it disguised his embarrassment. He noticed Blake was now dancing with a buxom brunette. Was it Blake who put this vixen on him as a practical joke?  He turned her so that she was facing Blake. “Did he put you up to this?”

She spun around aptly placing her arms around his neck. “He’s a security guard at the place I am staying at while here in Canberra. I don’t know him. I don’t even know you but I am wanting to get to know you intimately.” She ran a hand down from his neck to his chest. He stopped her arm before it made it’s way down to his crotch.

The brunette lead Blake off the dance floor past Stan. Blake nodded in Stan’s direction giving him a thumbs up. He motioned for Stan to join him and the brunette at a table.

“How about we sit this one out?” Stan suggested.

She pouted at him but accepted the offered hand. “Be with you in a minute I need to collect my bag as well as a bottle of Merlot from the bar.”

Stan watched her sway away from him as he made his way to Blake. This gave him the perfect opportunity to question his mate before the Sheila rejoined him. Blake’s new acquaintance was not at the table when Stan arrived.

“Who’s the shelia?” Blake asked while Stan took a seat.

“I was about to ask you. She’s staying at the hotel you work at. Is she a pro? Did you put her up to this?”

Blake’s jaw dropped. From his stunned expression, Stan knew his mate wasn’t the culprit. Stan didn’t understand what was happening to him. “Mate, I don’t know that Shelia from Eve. She seems awfully keen on you. You’d be an idiot not to take her up on what she’s offering. Pro’s don’t stay at the hotel. For pete’s sake your father would never allow that sort of stuff to happen on the premises.”

“Dad is only part of the tradies board. He can’t control what patrons do.”

“Why can’t you just enjoy the moment Stan? Pretty ladies can make the first move.”

“They don’t approach me.” He huffed.

Blake kicked him under the table. The brunette settled next to Blake. “Stan this is Sophie. Sophie, this is Stan.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sophie smiled.

The blonde approached the table. She had four glasses with her bottle of Merlot. Blake pulled out the empty chair. Stan automatically rose. “Merlot anyone?” She put the glasses down.

“None for me,” Sophie responded. “I don’t like red.”

Candy looked at Stan who shook his head affirmatively. She filled his glass. She then met Blake’s eye. He also nodded positively. She filled a glass for Blake.

“Thanks,” He replied. “So you like my mate Stan do you?”

She filled her glass before answering. “I’ve got what Stan needs and he has what I desire.”

“What might that be?” Blake was intrigued.

She motioned for Blake to come closer. She whispered in his ear. “A root.” She laughed wickedly. Blake laughed as well.

“This is Sophie. I’m Blake and obviously you want Stan. What’s your name?”

“Candance,” She responded. She looked directly at Stan. “I prefer to be called Candy. I’d love to be your Candy.” She sipped her Merlot.

“Candy,” Sophie sighed. ”That’s a sweet nickname.”

Stan couldn’t fathom why she was coming on to him. Perhaps she was drunk. He’d never take advantage of a drunk woman even if she was begging for it.

“What do you do Candy?” Blake had become the inquisitor.

“I’m an operations trainer. I travel the country making sure certain stores maintain proper customer service standards. I’m only in Canberra for two days. I leave the day after tomorrow. My next stop is the Alice.”

“How exciting! I wish my job was so glamorous.” Sophie pouted. “I’m just a PA.”

Blake kicked Stan under the table again. Stan kicked him back. The girls were bantering about fashion.

“Where’s home?” Stan spoke surprising himself.

“Melbourne is where I am based. I used to live in Sydney but Melbourne is where my unit is.”

“How long ago did you move from Sydney?”

“Bout a year ago.” She took another sip of Merlot. “Care for another dance?”

A love song was playing. The couples went back to the dance floor. “Do you do this very often? Pick up strange men at every city you go to?”

Candy put her head on his shoulder. It felt good to be enclosed in his arms. “Why does it matter to you? If a man does it, it’s ok. If a woman should do it, she’s labeled a slut.” She retorted. “A man can be just as slutty as any woman. Crikey, we’re only human. We aren’t God.”

“Some people do have standards.” He couldn’t believe how prudish he sounded.

Candy’s sarcastic laugh cut right through him. “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

“You haven’t answered mine.” She snorted.

“I asked first. It’s only polite to answer a question when it’s asked.”

“If I said yes, would you still hold me in your arms?”

“You’ll just have to answer me to find out.”

“I like to root. Where’s the bloody harm in that? I practice safe sex. Don’t you ever do anything that’s a tad risky?”

He continued dancing with her. He had never met a woman so forward. He kissed her forehead as the song ended.

The dj announced last call. Blake and Sophie said goodbye. Blake whispered to Stan to give it to Candy good. Stan just laughed. Stan drove Candy to the Hotel. The pokies were still going strong.

“Come up for a night-cap?” Candy offered. She was a tad wobbly, two bottles of Merlot did that to her.

“I think you better get some sleep. I’m sure tomorrow is a busy day for you.”

“Walk me to my door at least if you won’t come in for a night-cap.”

“Since you’re having trouble walking I’ll make sure you get there safely.”

She took his arm as they headed to the elevator. She handed him the key, which read 312. He pushed the button for the 3rd floor.

“Stan the man I bet you could satisfy me like no one else can,” she purred in his ear as the lift rose.

“I don’t take advantage of women when their thinking is impaired.”

“A man with backbone, do you know how much that turns me on?”

The doors opened. He guided her to her door, slipped the keycard into the door, and opened it after it beeped. “As tempting as you are Candy, I think it best you get your rest.”

“Stan, want to meet for coffee tomorrow? Do supper? It’s gonna be my last night in Canberra. I’m not sure when I’ll be back. A man with your standards is few and far between.”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea.”

“I’ll get your number from Blake if you don’t give it to me. I’m a very resourceful woman.” She leaned against the door frame seductively. Charlize Theron flashed into his mind for a moment. She resembled her a bit even though she was a tad shorter.

“Have you pen and pad?”

She left the doorway and opened her evening bag. She pulled out a small notebook and pen. Her hand was poised to jot down the number. He spoke the numbers admiring the determination in her eyes. There was no harm in a meal.

“I’ll call you tomorrow to confirm our date,” She closed her notepad. “When do you get off work?”

“You’re in luck. I have the day off.”

“Lucky dog,” she enclosed her arms around his neck. “Give me a kiss!”

He pecked her cheek. She sighed disgustedly but didn’t pursue him further. She still had one night to get into his pants. She could wait.

His mobile ringing woke him up. He glanced at his alarm clock which read 7:30. He wasn’t sure who it was because he didn’t recognize the number.


“Stan, it’s Candy from last night. How are ya?” Her tone was very chipper.

“You woke me up.”

“Sorry luv. I’m an early riser. I wanted to meet you after I get off work. I hear there’s a great eatery near the shopping center I am working at called Woodstocks. Could you meet me there say around 7 pm? Is that too early?”

“Sounds fine Candy. I’ll see you at 7 then outside Woodstocks.”

“Great, I’m really looking forward to seeing you again. Sorry bout waking you but I wanted to firm this up with you before somebody else beat me to it.”

“No worries, see you then.” He rung off.

Stan observed Candy making her way towards Woodstocks from the Canberra Centre. Her gait was very stiff. She glanced behind her as if she were expecting someone to come after her. When she spotted him, her stance became more relaxed as if the further away she distanced herself from the center the lighter she became.

He admired her outfit. She wore a short grey twill skirt with matching bolero jacket. The shirt beneath was a pale green which matched her eyes. She carried her satchel under her right arm looking very much like a confident executive. She blew a kiss his way as the gap between them ended. Stan couldn’t stop himself from smiling. Candy’s enthusiasm was contagious.

She hugged him fiercely after she reached him. Her mouth kissed his cheek. ”Thanks for joining me. I was afraid you might change your mind.”

“I don’t get invitations to dine with intriguing women everyday.” He hugged her again. It was a good feeling. He could get used to meetings like this. Marty was never overly expressive. It was a great change to be greeted so warmly.

They smiled at each other. She thought it’d be too cool to dine outside but didn’t’ want to be seen as controlling so she asked. “Would you like to dine inside or out?”

“Tad nippy isn’t it?” He fired back. “It can be a bit noisy but it’s a nice place. Good steaks and pizzas here.” He opened the door. She went to the sign which said please wait to be seated. She could see the place where pizzas were made because the counter was at the door to the right. The sign was at the end of the counter with the cash register.

A waitress led them to a table under the staircase. It seemed the upstairs was closed. It was fairly crowded. She was handed a menu. Stan ordered a bottle of Shiraz for them. She spotted the entrees. The waitress left letting them decide what they would dine on.

“Oysters! I love oysters! Do you like them?” Candy glanced at Stan.

“I prefer Kilpatrick.” He replied.

“Shall we order a dozen than and share?”

“Sounds like a plan. I haven’t had Kilpatrick in yonks.”

“I don’t feel like a steak. Perhaps I’ll get a pizza.” The Scorpio looks good.”

“If you like olives and different tastes.” He was noncommittal.

The waitress returned with the bottle of wine and glasses. “Are you ready to order?”

“We’d like a dozen oysters Kilpatrick to be shared. The lovely lady would like a small Scorpio pizza and I’ll have the ham steak thanks.”

Candy was pleased with Stan’s take charge tone. She wondered if she would win the war between them. Would she be able to help him break the barrier which she felt may be the undoing of her plan.

The waitress headed off to place the orders while Stan poured the wine. He liked the way Candy smiled. She had a sparkle in her eye that made him wonder what she was thinking. In the back of his mind, he was pretty certain he was the reason for the sparkle that glistened. He was pleased with that idea. Marty’s face never expressed itself that way.

Candy raised her glass for a toast. “To us, may we find the true pleasures we deserve.”

Stan clinked his glass against hers. “To us!” Their eyes met as they sipped their wine.

The waitress brought out the plates for the oysters. She sauntered off collecting dirty plates as she made her way round the restaurant.

Stan couldn’t stand the silence between them. “So what do you do for fun?”

Candy laughed wickedly. “How’s about you come with me to the hotel after tea so you can experience it for yourself?”

Stan blushed deeply but he was so tempted. It wasn’t as if Candy expected a commitment. It wasn’t everyday an attractive, vivacious lady boldly announced her desire to bonk his brains out. Where was the harm in it?

“Cat got your tongue?” Candy sipped more wine. She wasn’t going to get drunk. She wanted to drink slowly but allow Stan to drink like a fish. Perhaps then she could push him over the edge.

The oysters arrived. Stan still hadn’t responded. Their hands met as they went for an oyster. Stan smiled. He didn’t shy away from her touch. She grasped another oyster.

“Very nice oysters.” Stan wiped his mouth after eating his last one. Candy daintily wiped her mouth as well.

“They were nice.” She was not sure what to say. She wanted to ask him questions of a sexual nature but knew it didn’t seem an appropriate time.

The ham steak arrived before the pizza. Candy insisted Stan begin to eat before it went cold. She watched him reluctantly begin to eat his meal. Her small pizza arrived two minutes after his dinner. Finally he began to relax more.

“How did your day go?” He asked between bites.

“Typical last day, it was almost a festive atmosphere. In the end we have a little party.”

“That sounds fun but why did you seem so tense when you left?”

“Those can be so tedious. I was just anxious to be on time for you.”

“I’m flattered.”

“So you should be. I have a knack for being notoriously late.”

Stan chuckled. “I am really honored.”

“Let’s have another toast!” She raised her glass. “To rendezvous with sexy shy blokes!”

His glass touched hers. “You’re very funny. I am not sexy.”

She raised her eyebrows. “In my eyes, you are.”

They finished their meals chitchatting about the weather and her travel arrangements for the following day. She was going to the Alice for four days. A new store was opening. She was training the customer service team on the operating system for the cash registers and then proper protocol for customer relations. After that she was back to Melbourne. Stan finished the bottle of wine. Candy snuck up to the counter to pay for the meals. She was certain he’d protest but she wanted to pay for the ticket.

“Where have you been?” He asked when she rejoined him at the table.

“I was taking care of the ticket.”

“YOU WHAT?” He was astounded. “You’re not supposed to do that! It’s for me to pay for!”

“I invited you out to dinner. It’s my treat, besides it’s all ready taken care of. NO need to get all upset.”

He wasn’t sure what to say so he rose from his seat. “Shall we head back to the Tradies then?”

“I was about to suggest that.” She took the arm he offered. They headed toward the taxi rank. There was a taxi waiting. They piled into it. She put her head on his shoulder as he gave the address to the cabbie.

His hand slipped into hers. It was a cozy fit. He could get used to being this close. It had been quite a long time for him. Candy was completely different from Marty. Candy was very upfront. She was straight to the point. He was also pretty sure she hardly ever took no for an answer.

The cab dropped them off outside the Tradies. Stan insisted on paying the fare. They made their way to the guest elevator. She handed him the key as she had the previous night. This time though she was sober. She knew she had to be very careful with him. He wasn’t going to have the excuse of her not being in the right state of mind. She had two bottles of Merlot in the room as well as a bottle of Scotch. She was not afraid of plying her prey with grog to achieve her goal. He seemed wound up like a top. She’d use every trick she could to take advantage of the situation.

He opened the door for her. She went inside waiting for him to join her. He noticed the bottles of grog on the table as well as a bowl of fruit, nuts, and cheese with a candelabrum. The queen size bed was turned down. A sofa was by the window, which had a view of Dickson. “You certainly were sure I’d join you after dinner back here.”

She offered him a glass of wine. “I was hoping. Nothing is ever certain but you should always be prepared.” She filled the glass he took from her.

He smiled at her. “You put out a nice spread.”

“I am hoping you’ll enjoy the evening I have planned for you.” She wanted to say something cruder but was pretty sure she’d scare him.

“Tell me,” he sat down on the sofa, “am I a hard conquest?”

She sat down beside him after placing the wine on the table. She leaned towards him looking him straight in the eyes. “You’re a challenge.”

“You like playing Cat and Mouse.”

“Seems fitting doesn’t it. I have a pussy and you have a mouse.”

He almost choked on his wine. He was afraid the wine in his mouth would come out his nose. Somehow he swallowed with the wine without incident.

“You’re a sheltered man. You shock easily. It’s quaint.” She observed.

He frowned. “You have a way of unsettling me.”

She put her hand on his thigh. “How so?”

“You’re so upfront.”

“That’s good right? It shows you I have no hidden agenda.”

“This feels like role reversal.”

She chuckled at his remark. She kissed him tentatively at first. When he began to respond, her intensity grew as well as his. She ended the kiss hoping he would come for more. His hand went up to her neck caressing her nape.

Her voice was husky. “Care to get more comfortable?”

His mouth devoured hers in answer. She slipped out of her jacket. She maneuvered herself so that she was sitting on his lap. He felt the curves of her breast. Her breath was warm against his neck. Her tongue probed his mouth. She began to unbutton her blouse. He felt the shirt sliding off her arms. He opened his eyes to see her lacy green bra. Her skin was lightly tan. The clasp to her bra was between her breasts.

“You sure about this?” he asked.

She rose from his lap standing before him. She unclasped her bra. She took it off standing before him only in her skirt. She unzipped the skirt revealing her hips and the garter belt, which held her stockings. She wore no panties. She smiled seductively. Slowly she unclasped the garter belt and rolled each stocking off her legs. She watched him gaping at her brazenness. She felt so horny. If he turned her down now, she’d have to rape him.

He sat on the sofa still fully clothed not believing his luck. She took his hands. She pulled him off the sofa. She put his arms around her. He felt the silky skin. She walked backwards until she fell down against the bed. Her nakedness rested against the white sheets. She looked like a centerfold spread out on the bed. She was so open. She was unashamed of her nakedness proud of what she offered him.

“I don’t think I can do this,” he muttered.

She sat up using her elbows to prop herself up. “Why do you say that?”

“We aren’t in a relationship.”

She felt like screaming at him. Instead, she pulled him down on top of her. Her hands worked to undo his belt. “I don’t want a relationship. I just want you for the night. Let tomorrow take care of itself. I’m so horny.” She took his hand and brought it down to her wetness. “See!” He couldn’t believe how wet she was. He hadn’t even touched her yet the evidence of her arousal was on his hand.

“This isn’t right!” His voice croaked.

She took his other hand placing it on her breast. “Funny, it feels good to me.”

She kissed him feeling his body melting into hers. He was trying to stop himself. She stopped kissing him. His mouth began exploring her body. She moaned pleasurably. He began undressing. Soon they were exploring the crevasses of each others body. Her mouth engulfed his engorged penis. She licked and sucked on him eagerly. She stopped what she was doing heading for her bag.

“What’s wrong?” he groaned.

“I want to go for a ride but we need protection.”

He rose from the bed with her touching her. He enjoyed the feel of her feminine form. She showed him the condom. Opening it, she pushed him back on the bed. Her hands enclosed his erection. She put the condom on him. Slowly she lowered herself on top of him savoring the feel of him entering her. She rode him as he fondled her breasts. She felt the orgasm washing over her. He bucked into her as she reached her orgasm. She kept riding him until she came again.

She knew he hadn’t come yet. She dismounted him kissing him down his neck, his chest, his stomach, to his erection. “I want you to go down on me.” She licked the inside of his thighs.

He blushed. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Bout time you learned then,” She pulled herself slowly up his body tempted to mount him again but more intent on having him please her.

“Where do I start?”

She gave him a stern look. “Well first you put your head between my thighs. It’s different for each lady but I’ll tell you how I like it to be done.”

He positioned himself between her thighs. Her pubis smelt musky. Marty had never asked this of him. She had been his only lover. Part of him was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to execute going down on Candy properly. She opened her legs wider exposing her clit to him. He lowered his mouth down and licked the pink flesh.

“Yes, licking is a very nice start. I also like it when my lover suckles my clit.” She jumped. Obviously he was sucking too hard. She relaxed more as he began to find a rhythm. Her moans grew. “Put two fingers in me while you tease me.” He slipped two fingers into her vagina. She was sopping wet now. She was reaching a huge orgasm. He felt her walls clutching his fingers. Now he wished he was inside her. He tried to put his tongue inside her but she pulled him up. “I don’t like that. Just concentrate on my clit. Better yet, why don’t you slip that hard cock inside me! I’m so horny for you.”

He did as she asked kissing her up her body. He licked her nipples while slipping his erection into the slippery vagina. She had gotten tighter. He wasn’t sure how she had accomplished that feat. He started to ride her gently but she demanded he give it to her harder, deeper, faster!

“If I continue like this I am gonna lose it!” He complained.

She laughed wickedly. “What’s so wrong with that! You definitely deserve to come!”

He pounded harder into her getting trapped into the feeling. His orgasm flooded out of him. She bucked into him as his cum filled the condom. She kissed him gently. He collapsed on top of her realizing he had just had sex without a relationship.

He kissed her forehead before he got off of her. She was eerily quiet. He expected her to make some wisecrack. Instead, she left the bed heading for the bathroom. “Everything ok?” He muttered. He heard the tinkling of water going in the toilet.

She grinned at him when she came back. “You’re a natural when it comes to going down.”

“you’re a great instructor.”

“Some girls really love a prodding with a tongue but I prefer fingers and cocks.” She lay down on the bed with him. He enclosed her in his arms.

“So what time is your flight to Alice Springs?”

“It’s an early flight. I’d love for you to stay the night if you want.” She snuggled against his chest. “What time do you go to work?”

“I have the afternoon shift. I can go get my car and drop you off at the airport.”

Her hands were roaming down his chest towards his belly. “Not necessary, I’m taking the shuttle to the airport.” She yawned. “Want to do this again if I’m in Canberra?”

“I could be in a relationship by then.”

She slapped his chest playfully. “Extracurricular activities never hurt.”

“That is one thing I am not going to back down about. I don’t go for cheating.”

“You said you wouldn’t have sex outside a relationship.” She teased a nipple.

He recoiled from her touch. “Candy don’t you ever respect other people’s wishes? Must you always go over the limit?”

“There’s nothing wrong with pushing limits. At least you know you can change.”

“Good point you make there but haven’t you ever met somebody and wanted to get to know them better?”

“Not yet,” she kissed his bellybutton. “I just haven’t met a guy who has intrigued me enough.”

“A monogamous relationship can be a very fulfilling feeling.”

“Oh Stan, we could have philosophical discussions all night if you want. I just want to know if the sex you had with me was satisfying.”

He blushed deeply. “I filled the condom didn’t I?”

“Would you like to go for it again if the opportunity came round?”

He sighed. “If I wasn’t in a relationship, I’d be a fool not too.”

She hugged him tightly. Her breasts squished against his chest. “Stan the Man, I like you a lot. You’re heaps of fun.” She yawned. “Hate to be a party pooper but I better get some sleep. Want to join me?”

He kissed her forehead as she curled herself against him. She was fast asleep in less than five minutes.

Stan stretched out on the bed. He looked at the bedside clock that read 8:30 am. He didn’t hear Candy. He turned his head noticing a note on her pillow. It read:

Dear Stan the Man,

If you ever find yourself in Mexico please give me a ring. I’d love to show you the sights. I have a lovely condo at St Kilda’s Beach. You looked so peaceful sleeping I couldn’t bare to wake you.

Remember if you’re ever in need of sweets, I ‘ll be your Candy!

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