The anger is rising spilling forth exploding with such ferocity I feel it seething out of me.

I am not sure what will end this need to scream.

A sucker punch to the gut would feel so good whether I was the one taking the punishment or giving it.

I need a release from this ugliness otherwise it will consume me.

Another thought erupts from me, would that be so fucking bad?

You enter the room all guile and becoming.

You wrap me in your arms so warm and strong.

You plunge your tongue into my mouth stifling the scream of anger

changing the emotions raging through my mind and body.

Instead of anger there is now a hunger

the burning anguish turned to consuming heat

satisfaction is slowing mounting as I feel your bulge below grow hard.

Sex is really not the answer but the distraction defused the moment providing another sort of release.


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