Nothing Like A Good Tease

He had been working up the nerve to go talk to her. He hadn’t expected the turn of events that happened to him. Vera was not the most beautiful girl around but she was full of life. Her voice could be described as melodic with a hint of croakiness especially if she had been screeching at her younger brother. Her laughter could be termed bordering on neurotic. It was not as pleasant as her speaking voice. It often ended in a snort. He wasn’t interested in her laughter though. He often wondered what she would sound like in the throws of passion.

Vera approached him wearing shorts that were denim cut offs and a white tube top that barely covered her breasts. She had been mowing the grass. Her skin glistened from the exertion. She was flushed. He hoped she wouldn’t notice the chubby in his pants. He quickly took his baseball cap off to cover himself.

“Ben, you think your parents would mind if I jumped in the pool? I am so freaking hot from mowing the grass. ”

His parents would definitely not approved of Vera jumping in the pool without a shower. He could just hear his dad’s protests about how it was not good to enter the precious pool with remnants of grass clipping on him. His mum would stress about the use of clothes in the pool. Bathers would be the right thing to wear not just street clothes. His parents wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. They had trusted him to be home alone at 16. Vera was only a year younger. She acted as if she was the eldest though.

She had opened the pool gate and was taking off her sneakers. He could almost see her nipples as she threw the shoes away from her. “C’mon Ben, can I jump in?”

Ben swallowed the lump in his throat. “Go for it!”

Vera headed for the deep end of the pool. Ben was mesmerized watching her saunter to the edge of the pool. She arched her body into the water. He noticed the tube top was almost off her now as she back stroked but it stayed delicately in place. Had she planned this little escapade? His mind was going into over drive.

She leaned against the pool wall looking up at him. “Don’t you want to join me? It’s so freaking hot today. I had to do the lawn or I wouldn’t have gotten my allowance.”

He knew he probably should have jumped in right there and then yet he knew she wouldn’t let him touch her. She always made him feel not good enough to be in her inner circle at school but if she could manipulate him for her good she was like butter melting on a hot cob of corn.

“I don’t have my swimmers on.”

“I don’t either. It didn’t stop me!” She chortled looking smug.

“Vera!” Dennis’ scream stopped Vera’s laughter abruptly. “Dad needs you now! Where are you?”

Vera pulled herself out of the pool brushing against Ben. He felt her hardened nipples against his arm. He wanted to pull her close engulfing her mouth with his own.

“Can I come back later?” She kissed his cheek. “The old man needs me.”

Ben nodded his approval. His voice failed him. He was stunned glad he still had the baseball cap in front of his crotch. She grabbed her sneakers running off. He watched the water evaporating. She had kissed his cheek. He hadn’t imagined it. Dang, Vera was a good tease.

English: A Private Swimming Pool

English: A Private Swimming Pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


9 thoughts on “Nothing Like A Good Tease

  1. Like 2nd time I have ever read erotica stuff..Good stuff.
    I think lads need pictures though 🙂
    Was good.. x

    ps: This is why I buy a lot of baseball caps x

  2. Love your little stories! More please! I also nominated you for a Liebster Award – check the details out here:
    It’s up to you whether to accept – no worries either way – but it might drive more traffic here, and everyone deserves to be treated to your blog! Have a great day, BB x

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