Erotic Encounters: Rendezvous For You by dackable

He walked alone down the street with nothing much on his mind. The afternoon was chilled due to the continual rainfall that had occurred all day. He expected to be home in only a few moments. His apartment was just across the street from the train station. He couldn’t believe it when he bumped into someone.

“Pardon me,”

He was not expecting to hear the soft, sweet voice that filtered into his ears. He recognized it immediately. It was the new girl from the office. He had no idea that she also lived so close by.

“Lorena? I didn’t know you lived near here.”

“I don’t,” She purred as she took hold of his arm. “I have a confession to make to you.”

“Really Lorena? I am stunned.” He didn’t know what else to say.

“Oh yes Brad, I just had to see where you live. I,” her voice was breathy.

Brad was not sure where she leading to but he waited for her to go on. When she was still quiet, he broke the silence. “Why are you curious about where I live?”

She giggled nervously. “I want you Brad.”

“You want me?” This had to be some mistake.

“Don’t you want me?” She asked.

“Want you for what?” He didn’t want anyone to accuse him of harassing the newest member of the work team.

She looked around to make sure there was no one watching. She then pushed him into the little side alley close to his back gate. She pushed herself up against him and touched his mouth with her hot tongue.

For a moment he thought he was daydreaming until she took his right hand sliding it slowly up the inside of her skirt against her thigh where he discovered that she was wearing no panties. The patch of hair was matted with moisture. Her tongue traced its way to his left ear where she flicked his lobe with her tongue before she whispered. “Do you get the idea now?”

How could he not get the idea from the way she had accosted him. He could not even hide the fact that he was turned on. There was an erection between his legs. He thought to himself that he had to be dreaming but the cold rain hitting his face reassured him that in fact he had not imagined the scenario he was in.

His mind was on overdrive now. He knew he wanted privacy to complete what this woman had started in the side alley. He took her hand and proceeded to go to his back gate. He fumbled in his pocket for the pouch, which held the keys that he wanted.  She was constantly caressing the back of his neck or his shoulders. She kept in constant contact with him as he let them into the gate. After the gate slammed shut, she had to start sprinting with him. The rain was falling harder now as if the heat that was building between the duo too stimulated it.

When they entered into his building, she crushed herself against him breathing hard. She kissed his neck and he too, began to kiss her. She was warm, inviting. She sighed as he let his tongue slide between her lips. He could feel her trembling as a door upstairs slammed shut. They could hear footsteps coming down the stairwell. They broke their kiss. He took her hand leading her up to his floor. He didn’t know what he did to cause this to occur but he was most certainly thankful that it had. He was lonely. He needed companionship. Lorena was a very lovely lady. Her hair was straightened now because it was wet but normally it fell in wavy streams just to the end of her shoulders. He loved the sound of her voice. He found it very melodic. He had been wondering in the back of his mind just exactly how she would sound in the throes of passion. Today was the day he was going to find out if his imagination was as accurate as he thought.

He hadn’t put the pouch in his pocket after he let them in to the gate. He was surprised to find that he was shaking a little. He tried pretending to himself that it was because he was cold from the chilling rain. He didn’t want Lorena to know how nervous he was. He wondered if she were just as nervous as he was.

He finally opened the door to his apartment. As soon as the door was closed, Lorena threw her arms around his shoulders smothering his face with kisses. Then, her hands were beginning to unzip his raingear.  She seemed to know exactly what she wanted and how to get it. He chuckled to himself. He had always a woman who knew how to take charge in a manner of speaking. She pushed the wet jacket off of his shoulders. Her fingers began to unfasten his buttons while he began to assist her with her clothes enjoying the feel of her hands on him. He began maneuvering her towards the bedroom, which was beyond the entrance of the place. It seemed as if they were dancing their way to his room. Their bodies were in constant contact; hands unfastening clothes; mouths and tongues exploring each other.

She followed his lead as he moved them around the corner that lead into his hall way towards the bedrooms and bathroom. It was only two quick turns to the right and they were entering into his room. She moaned as he unfastened her bra. He began to fold the clothes as he took them off of her but she would not allow him to do this. Instead, she took the clothes from him and threw them out of the way. She had no patience for his neatness. She was in need of his body. She began to nuzzle on his neck and move down as she exposed more of his skin to her mouth. He pushed her down onto the bed after she stood before him naked as the day she was born except for the shoes she had on her feet. He slid the shoes off of her feet slowly licking his way up her right thigh. He heard her breathing coming in large gasps as he began to nibble on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. He could smell the muskiness of her. He knew he wanted to taste her too but first he wanted to make her ache more. He turned to her left leg and began the process that he started with the right leg. She was trembling as he nibbled on her left inner thigh.

“Taste me,” she demanded, not in a soft girlish fashion but in a lower timber which registered in his ears just how much she wanted him to taste what she had to offer him.

He flicked his tongue slowly along the lips of her labia. She was very wet already. He wanted to ram himself into her but not until she had climaxed. He wanted her to enjoy herself as much as he enjoyed pleasuring her. It had been way too long since he had companionship.

“Suck me,” she ordered next, “and slide two fingers inside.”

He did as she asked and she began her climax. He hadn’t expected her to come so quickly. Her body bucked into his face. He licked, sucked, and finger fucked her until she came again. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. He had to have release too. He moved up to suckle on her breast. She responded to his touch as if she were a puppet. He then spread her legs wider. She moaned “Yes! Take me! Take me!” He slid into her wet pussy. The walls enclosed him and throbbed as he moved in and out. She moved her hips in time with his thrusts. She was readying to climax again. He could feel the tension in her as her moans turned into passionate screams. “Harder! Harder!”  He rammed her all the more. She clasped his buttocks with her hands squeezing him and groaning. “I’m cumming!!! I am cumming!!!” He could not hold back any longer as he too joined her. His breathing was harder now. He felt the explosion burst forth and spread out of him into her.

She smiled at him. “Wow! You were even better than I had imagined.”

“I take it you were pleased.” He kissed her breasts.

“I have never come like that in my life.” She sighed as she regained her composure.

He was pleased with the results as well. “I am very pleased then.”

“I think I will leave you now.” She said after he released her. “It was very remarkable. I hope we get to do this again.”

Brad looked at her. “I don’t see why not. I am game anytime you are.”

Lorena giggled. “But you see Brad, normally, I don’t go back to a rendezvous but this time I might make a exception.” She kissed his forehead before leaving to dress. “You never know when I will plan another rendezvous with you.”


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