An Affair Part 2


She stood in the doorway looking like a deer caught in flood lights when I opened the door. She was shivering it seemed but it wasn’t cold to me. Her smile was timid. I didn’t remember her being so shy at the conference. She was even more cute than I recalled her being. There was not a trace of make up on her face.

Instead of a confident femme fatale standing in my doorway was a vulnerable fawn. Her brown eyes soft. There was definitely an edginess to her stance like she was about to run away in fright. I moved back into my room motioning for her to follow me

She entered the room nervously checking behind her. She seemed to relax once I shut the door. The fear was gone but the anxiety was just below the surface. She hugged me fiercely when I turned back to her. Maybe the anxiety I sensed was something more akin to anticipation because I smelled her muskiness. It enveloped me as I breathed in her hug. “Is everything ok?”

She kissed me gently at first but her hunger was so intense. Her intention was clear as she tugged at my belt. My femme fatale was back yet the fawn was in control. The last time we were together she had this confidence about her. I could sense something wasn’t quite right. She seemed a bit more clumsy in a open sort of way. It was as if a mask had fallen away from our last meeting.

Instead of answering me she maneuvered me to the bed, undressing herself as she propelled me toward the waiting bed. Her blouse was first, followed by her bra. She wasn’t speaking just moving me toward her intended destination. I never experienced a woman who took initiative like she was doing. She was naked now. I am not sure how it happened. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, pushed me down on the bed, straddled me and mounted me not caring that I was still fully dressed. She just climbed aboard my erection sliding me inside her going for her life. I couldn’t believe she was doing what she was doing but my pants were getting a soaking. She placed my hands on her breasts. She kissed me and I felt her shudder.

She glanced at her watch. She dismounted me. She proceeded to get dressed again. She didn’t thank me, she just started heading towards the door.

“What is going on?”

She spun around to face me. The fawn was gone and so was the femme fatale I remembered so fondly. Her voice was cold as ice. “This is what you get for not contacting me for seven months. This is what you get for letting me just think I was nothing. Favor returned. How does it feel to be used for what you can give?”

I tried to grab her by the shoulders but she moved with the stealth of a panther. She got out the door. I was standing there with a huge wet spot on my crotch trying to figure out how in the world this had turned so ugly.


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