An Affair

It had been a long while since I had gotten a message from him. I actually thought he had forgotten me. It only took a message to send my mind reeling down the road I hadn’t been on in seven months. Seven months of silence, seven months of wondering how a chance encounter could make me wet just from reading that one message from him.

Everyone thinks I am just the straightest, proper assistant and perfect wife.They would never think I would seek something outside of my relationship with Martin who doted on me and our children. How would I ever do anything that devious? When could I find time to cheat on dear Martin? He was always with me or the children while I assisted him with the online business or hosting one of the many functions he had organized.

Seven fucking months since I got a message from him and I am sitting looking at the message with a wet spot on my panties thinking about the one encounter wishing it would happen again but since I hadn’t heard from him thinking it was just nothing. A bit on the side which was fine because that was all it was suppose to be.

Seven months of reliving in my mind every caress that he gave my skin. Seven months of analyzing my response to his touch, his kisses, his probing questions as he fucked me while Martin watched on the web camera in our bedroom masturbating while I was having sex with him.

Seven months since I had been to that conference alone while my sister took care of the children because Martin didn’t feel he would be able to care for the children as well as I could or indulge himself as freely as he wanted to because the children were around so Sabrina took in our little tribe. It was only a 3 night conference but those three nights with him changed me in ways I didn’t think I could be changed.

I had to play it cool when I returned home because I didn’t want Martin to know how much Jeff had pushed my buttons. Martin had enjoyed the encounter as well but I had to play my cards close to my chest. If he knew how much I was hoping to be in contact with Jeff, he would not have been pleased because things had to be under his control. Frankly, I was sick of being controlled but I do love Martin.

Longing 2 see you, I stared at my monitor wanting to write back but not sure what to say. How was I going to extract myself from Martin and the children just to meet up with Jeff. I didn’t want Martin to know of my desire or intent because I had never gone to a meet up alone without Martin’s knowledge. Deceit is not my area of expertise but I wanted it to be. I wanted to be it’s mistress just so I could be alone again with Jeff.

My hands were shaking as I typed back: I know that feeling all too well.

Jeff responded right away. I am in your town for a night. I am staying at the Sheraton on High Room 312.

Was that a river I felt between my thighs? I swallowed the lump in my throat. I didn’t know what to write or how to get there but I knew without a doubt I wanted to be there with him in room 312. It felt like seven more months had passed for me before I typed back. Not sure if I can make it but I will try.

I’ll be waiting. My checkout time is 10 AM.

I logged out of messenger with a throbbing sensation all over my body. I had to get to the Sheraton. Martin was out with his friends. It was short notice for Sabrina. I contemplated my situation. I didn’t care if Martin disproved of my decision. Not everything would work out the way he wanted it to. He didn’t have to see or know everything I did. I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone but I knew I could leave the children alone to their own devices. It was not the proper thing to do.

I picked up the phone. Sabrina answered on the third ring. “Is there anyway I could bring the kids over sis. Martin is out and an old friend wants to get together with me. I know this is last minute but he’s only here for the night.”

Sabrina sighed but I could tell she was going to crumble. “Bring them over but don’t stay out too late. I have to teach in the morning.”

“I owe you Sabrina.”

“When do you not Ellie, one day I will have kids and you will have to baby sit.” We hung up.

Quickly I gathered the children into my car and to Sabrina’s apartment knowing that soon I would be at room 312 of Sheraton on High. Would the seven months waiting be worth it?


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