Mind Games

English: Silver_medal_mind_olympic_games

English: Silver_medal_mind_olympic_games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Bronze_medal_mind_olympic_games

English: Bronze_medal_mind_olympic_games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who doesn’t like to play a game? There are so many games to play and yet for some people it seems that minds games are the one thing that they enjoy the fucking most. You can see the cynic in me is out in full force today. Gone is the sweet playful kitten you like to toy with. The lioness is aggressive today with claws out and fangs ready to rip you apart. Maybe you would enjoy seeing this side, maybe you cringe. Maybe you are intrigued and are ready to read more. I’m ready to pounce. I am eager for a challenge.

During mind games, you might actually achieve something you never expected. You might not be the conquering hero, you might be the conquest that is conquered in the most exquisite way. The way you think you wanted is turned on its head. You are shown something entirely different which broadened your horizons left you panting for more. Perhaps you would like to be the one to turn the tables on your stalker, would that heighten your pleasure because this is what mind games on my terms are all about.

It’s not about the win or the loss. It’s about the mind where your thoughts lead you and the results you find whether they leave you happy or perplexed. It’s about the journey. It’s the twists that heightened your anticipation. It’s something you may do with some one or all alone.

The mind can be a wonderful place to delve but there are souls out there that long to pull you down a path you never wanted to venture. They might enjoy twisting things on you watching the results that leave you totally confused. You thought you knew which way was up but it turns out you are down drowning in your befuddlement.

For me, it all depends on my mood. Today the lioness is out ready to pounce. Who is willing to be my game?

English: Gold_medal_mind_olympic_games

English: Gold_medal_mind_olympic_games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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