Bitch slap into tomorrow or better yet out of my life!

Now I'm That Bitch

Now I’m That Bitch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Excuse me while I fucking rant. I am finally starting to feel like my old randy self but a few of my friends I want to seriously bitch slap into tomorrow or better yet out of my fucking life! I know they don’t mean to be annoying but for me, I don’t want to hear your stupid dream about my husband’s ex and me becoming besties and ignoring the fuck out of you. WHAT THE FUCK?? I get on facebook and that’s what you type to me. I have a fucking life and I don’t want to be in your dreams especially with my hunny’s ex who is the lunatic HORRID! I’d rather have anal sex than hang with that trollop even better I would rather watch you being bitch slapped by that bitch in your dream that I don’t even want to be a part of while your hubby does you up your arse.  Don’t you fucking know me by fucking now? I am going to have to learn how to hide from you because I am not wanting to speak with you or hear about your humorous dreams that I find absolutely fucking stoopid. I wish these two people would just block me on facebook. I can’t deal with them.  This other woman (girl) puts up her status and as an afterthought puts my name as well as my hubby’s to come to see what she has on sell at the market which is almost 2 hours from where I live. IS SHE FUCKING SERIOUS! She can go get fucked. She thinks she funny. I think she needs a good bitch slap into reality. Now if I could only find someone who would actually bitch slap her out of my life I might drive there to witness it but frankly it’s not worth the effort.

At least typing this out, I feel a tad better. I won’t be doing anything to them but really I want to bitch slap them hard. I think I would really enjoy that to the Nth degree.

I don’t usually do rants like this but today I had to get this out there. Surely you must know someone in your life that deserves a good bitch slap into tomorrow or better yet out of your life!


Fuck you cards.

Fuck you cards. (Photo credit: m.k.)





7 thoughts on “Bitch slap into tomorrow or better yet out of my life!

    • It’s my own bloody fault. I can be to nice or not confront people. The one with the dream called and I avoided it like the plague. I need to contact her, sort it out but I just don’t feel like it.

      • I do think a call might sort it…but don’t perhaps be quite so angry….slaps are for people like me who enjoy them….this person may have made a very innocent mistake perhaps?

      • I ended the friendship ages ago then felt bad and relented because I know she’s got a good heart but I don’t want to hear stupid dreams about me and my hunny’s ex because I loathe that silly woman. My blog pretty much expressed how I felt about the ex. Stupid twit, twot whichever fits the bill.The bitch in me is out today.

      • I won’t. The worst thing that could happen is I get wiped off her friends list. The way I feel right now, it could be a good thing. LOL

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