Negativity: Go and get FUCKED!

Today has been an absolute bitch to me.I am ready to go the fuck to bed and maybe get fucked but I suspect it’s gonna be another sleep fest. I am not really looking forward to tomorrow. I got a bad feeling about this long weekend coming up for me and my man.

This evening when I was getting ready to start tea (dinner) he remarked that he thought it might be my time of the month coming up which would totally explain the damn weepiness I have had today. I just have this horrible feeling that the rest of the week will be a total fuck up but he probably is right and Aunty Flo is getting ready to come for a visit. LIke Aunty Flo will stop a party from happening between my legs! I laugh that idea off with a good hardy chuckle.

I am just ready to tell this negativity that I am feeling to go get fucked. I don’t like feeling this low. It’s a drag. I feel like I am a drag to be around. I do think I would like to be dragged to bed, stripped down to nothing and let someone have their way with me or better yet, climb aboard for a ride to release my aggression as well as negativity cause I am sorry people but orgasms for me equal happy lady! I know that’s way too much information and not really a good solution for some but for me, a good root always helps.

This reminds me of an episode I watched last night on telly. The heroine and her lover always get turned on when having a fight so nothing really gets resolved.They were instructed by their couples counselor not to have sex if they were having an issue.  Now I totally identified with their approach because I could see myself falling easily into that trap. I  loved how they kept trying not to fuck but ended up doing so. Hilarious as all get out. I so love that show. The writing for it is exceptional.

I am sorry I have written another sort of rant but I know there are others out there who have probably had things worse than I have. I just want us all to tell Negativity to go get fucked. Negativity can have the crappiest fuck ever but I want us all to have the most pleasure ever!

Life is too short for negativity. Embrace life for all it’s worth and tell negativity FUCK OFF!

We need to do the chant they say in the Angels song “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again” in the pub. NO WAY! GET FUCKED! FUCK OFF! That’s my chant to negativity!

fuck per programming language chart

fuck per programming language chart (Photo credit: gpuliatti)


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