Who’s more stupid?

A question that some people just can’t seem to figure the fuck out. She should have fucking known as soon as he said she was beautiful that it was all a fucking scam. Every time she had been told she was beautiful by a man what the fuck did they do to her? They fucking hurt her with lies and deceit but she didn’t let that stop her from being her effervescent self. She still had a driving need to believe in herself and let go of the negativity that she held in her soul. She just knew not to believe men when they said she was beautiful. As she sat looking at the computer screen with his latest email to her she just fucking laughed. Did he honestly think she was going to say yes to giving money to him because he quoted the bible to her about how she needs to be a willing giver and not a receiver. It read like he was telling her to just give him money unconditionally because it was the right Christian thing to do. The question though resounded in her mind. Who’s more stupid? Me or him? He never really confided in her about himself. He just went on and on about how he was in love with her from the letters she sent explaining how her day was. He never wrote back about himself, only about his love of her. She was the stupid one. She was the one who just wanted to be friends. He wanted something more than she could ever give him because she was very much involved with her lover/spouse. He was more stupid because he just couldn’t get her really. He claimed he did but the reality of the situation just didn’t seem to be fully acknowledged. Was he slow? Did he not want to face the truth? The question still remains. Who’s more stupid? Opinions would be greatly welcomed! 


2 thoughts on “Who’s more stupid?

  1. Not sure about your dilemna, though would say that you might not always believe your low self-estime. If someone is really attracted to you and has feelings for you they will see a beauty in you that you perhaps do not see yourself. Quoting the Bible to get money, hmmmm,

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