Let it go

Let’s take a deep breath then let it go


Always eager and always the last to know


You speak words of love yet don’t follow through


And you say that I am the one to leave you blue


Ignorance is bliss they often say


I wish my love and lust was not a game


Open my heart you say to me


I stand confused not sure what to do


To open my heart to you, I’d be a fool.


You wish to know me in ways divine.


I know if I were to do so, I would be crushed. It would not be sublime.


I need a lover who is strong and sure


Not a person who makes promises and couldn’t keep them at any time.


So I am the taker not the giver true,


Guess what mother fucker, this bitch is through with you!


A Love Heart

A Love Heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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