Incessant Craving

There is something going on inside. There is an incessant craving that just won’t relent. It’s been growing, festering deep inside. The remedy only makes it worse at times, especially when satisfaction is brought out but not completed in the way you want.

The need to be touched has been given. The sensation of needing to be desired attended to. Giving in to the craving and just revelling in the feeling of being kissed, sucked, explored yet the one thing you want you just can’t get. The feeling that you can be satisfied but not really the way you want because what you want isn’t quite ready to be acquired.

Fingers and tongue help relief the symptoms but it is just not going until you get exactly what you want. Next thing you know you are snapping at your lover because you want something and he wants to give it to you but he can’t because things just aren’t working for him the way you both want. He is more than willing to pleasure you though.

A feeling of selfishness creeps in even though he’s told you that its fine. Now you not only have this incessant craving you feel another pang of guilt. In the end though, it will all work out until of course the incessant craving begins to build up again.

Why he puts up with you, you just don’t know. You just appreciate the patient lover you have and tell the guilt to shut up and get the fuck out of your head.




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