Random Ponder

Nothing ventured, nothing gained but in all of this things will never be the same. Looking to the left or looking to the right, it doesn’t really matter because it’s not in sight. In knowing something needs to be said or done, it doesn’t make it any easier when the answer just won’t come. Too many options for the infinite to try to make it finite and would making it finite actually be right. So many questions, so many answers perhaps one should just keep thinking on the matter.

Don’t feel sorry for the blind because sometimes they can see things better than you. They could have a better positive attitude and wake you up to your illusion. Learn from others and don’t come to conclusions because if you do it might lead to even grander delusions.

Look for pleasure in every little thing and treasure pain because one day it might end. Whisper sweet nothings to ones you hold dear to help them know they are the one thing you want near. Every good thing will come to an end just treasure what you haveĀ Alleluia! Amen!

image de l'infini

image de l’infini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







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