Holding back on the explicit

Explicit Architecture Logo

Explicit Architecture Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, this is not what I am going to do at all. For me, I won’t be holding back on the explicit at all. I will be forging upward and onward trying to break through as many of my own boundaries as I can because life isn’t about playing it safe. It’s about risks and growth. It’s from the safety of my anonymity that I feel safe to write what I feel like saying because I only reveal my true self to people I feel comfortable with and they for one know who they are. People often say that they want to be told the truth but I really feel like they only want to be told the pretty truth with a big ribbon wrapped around it. Sometimes when they have to see the ugly truth, the truth they don’t want to see about themselves, they go into denial which I suppose in a way I am guilty of doing because I am clinging to my anonymity like a junkie clutches onto his last hit. There is a false sense of security to this sort of thinking. I know I am guilty of it but fuck it, I want to feel safe even on the edge of fucking insanity, even as I plunge into the deep black hole I have created. Even in the darkness, there is a little light. There is hope because if you don’t know pain, if you don’t know darkness, how can you ever experience pleasure and light. It’s through the shock that we reach new truths and boundaries are redefined.

Holding back on the explicit, not on this blog because life is meant to be fucked and enjoyed even through the pain.





5 thoughts on “Holding back on the explicit

  1. Goodness…I must admit I am not following entirely. But I am sorry you are having such a bad time! *hugs* to you…

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