Lost In The Illusion

Is it so bad to get lost in the illusion to go along with the delusion that maybe just maybe things are going to work out the way we desire? Who gives a shit if the world catches fire because we are lost in the illusion drowning in the conclusions that everything is going to be just fine? Is it wrong to want to be desired or full of passion. Society sometimes says yes and this causes me much distress because I want to be lost in the illusion. Reality can be such a drag. It’s something that can drive one mad or depressively sad. So what if I decide to stay in my illusion and drag you into my delusion where we will never have to face someone looking at us judgementally because I want to include you in this world I have created and so what if we start debating about who’s on top and who’s underneath. If you give me enough time we could do both and make it complete. We could be on this island or any place we desire. I am just giving you this invitation to come along and be lost with me in the illusion.

Travel island

Travel island (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


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