It’s 2:16 as I type this out lying on my bed naked listening to my hubby slumber. I know I could wake him easily which is why I am typing this up with my thumb. Me thinks this will be a short blog because of this fact.
At times like this, my mind trips onto either full on fantasy or I ponder getting myself off. If I were to get myself off though, I could wake up hubby. He is sleeping well. I like listening to his breathing. I have a tendency to be loud especially when I really enjoy myself.
I also feel selfish if I were to disturb him. I can’t sneak out of bed to grab my laptop since he sleeps so lightly. It’s not all bad. I know how blessed I am. I don’t want to take advantage though. If I were to wake him, he would do what ever I asked. It’s the decision of what to do. I am opting to blog which I wonder if its the right thing. I labelled this a rant but is it really? It’s half rant; half pathetic rambling which I can do as well as anyone else. Lol
I love my man to bits. He’s a top bloke in my book. I do fantasize though. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I make up dirty stories in my head to get me off.
The wind is easing which is nice. The rain has stopped. Sleepiness is trying to reign over my mind. I am really getting horny. Perhaps it’s time to get off. I will leave you for now.
What do you do when you have insomnia ? Please share!
writer’s note: when I put down my iPhone, he heard it. I have to learn to place stuff more softly because of this but the upside is he put me to sleep.


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