Never Asked For Your Soul

Paparizou in a plain background in the first s...

Paparizou in a plain background in the first scene of “The Light in Our Soul” music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know I have been silent for a long while now. I haven’t been in a blogging mood but today something I heard got me thinking yet again about blog content and what I wanted to say which is probably going to pour out like a rant but hey, sometimes you just have to say what you have to say or respond to something you hear which is what has me back behind the keyboard.

I love music and lyrics. I heard two songs today that talked about giving your soul to your love. One that I have repeating constantly on Pandora Radio is Hall and Oates “I Can’t Go For That”. The other song I didn’t catch who the singer was but it also said “you want my soul”.

The only time I could think of wanting someone’s soul was if I was a wicked warlock. I know there have been times when I may have used some guy for sex but I never asked for his soul. I have been accused of being a heart breaker but I never actually asked a guy for his soul. I may have asked for affection or love but never demanded to have their soul. I suppose the reason for this is because I can not give someone my soul. I can give affection, kisses, sex, love but I can’t actually give my soul to them.

Even figuratively, I don’t think it’s possible to give someone your soul. Language, especially English, can be so tricky which is why I strive to be open or truthful to the fullest extent possible. I know it’s only an expression and with love songs there is a tendency to go overboard with the gushy stuff but when I hear “I gave you my soul” or “You want my soul”, I think to myself, you stupid mofo I wouldn’t ask for something I couldn’t give back so just suck it up buddy and get over yourself because I am over you.

I know that may sound pretty heartless but it’s the truth. I am not going to give someone my soul because it’s something I can’t give. I may try to show you my heart or how I feel about life and things of importance to me but I can’t give you my soul. Even when I write my poetry I have never asked for someone’s soul but I did say that I would love them from the bottom of my soul.

Maybe the lyrist is just trying to make the lady feel sorry for them or thinks it sounds right but I just cringe. Nope, not right with me kiddo so try another line to pull on my heart-strings. This chick is gonna run the fuck away from you even faster than before.


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