Oops, I Jinxed Me Again

The title says it all! I have an uncanny knack of doing a jinx on myself. A simple little remark to my hubby has me fall off my pedestal which I desperately want to get back on but of course, I don’t want to get him ill because I had said to him in my sweet sexy voice, “I haven’t been sick in ages.” No lie, about a week later, I am saying “I don’t feel so good.” When I get up the next day, I am hoarse with hardly a voice and the day after that, I am worse. I sound like Ahmed due to coughing up mucus like there is no tomorrow.

Hubby was talking to a friend today about the state of health I am in. His friend made a suggestion which I am willing to try. I know I am on the mend but hubby isn’t so sure about me.  Sunday I would have scoffed at the suggestion of sex but today, the inner nympho is crawling up through the mucus that I am coughing up trying to get what she hasn’t had in a while for her. If it was up to my inner nympho, I’d be getting it 3 times a day or more but since the cold has taken hold of me, she hasn’t been surfacing much. I have to wonder if hubby has been enjoying the break from me with not pawing at him.

It’s no secret between the two of us that I am the woman who wants to have it when I want to have it and when he wants to have it. I also know that I have the higher sex drive but he is more than open to going down or doing what ever it takes to get me off in every way I want to be gotten off. I am very blessed that way. I wasn’t always that blessed but that is another subject for a blog.

All I want to say is that I jinxed myself and I don’t want to do it again. I need to remind myself to just enjoy my good health. Hubby still thinks I sound sexy but I know he is biased. He did say he liked a croaky voice but I also know he likes a voice that doesn’t sound like a bloke. Voice wise, I am almost there. My inner nympho is ready to bump and grind. The question now is am I going to jinx my recovery by doing as hubby’s friend suggestion. 


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