The Bitch Came Out

Today I have let my inner bitch out at a woman who constantly rings my hubby for help. I wasn’t rude but I told her in uncertain terms that he was busy at the moment having lunch and she might not hear back from him until tomorrow. I know that I should have just let it go to message bank like he wanted. It would have been the wisest, most peaceful thing to do. Some how this woman really just brings out my inner bitch. In previous phone calls, I have heard my husband get really aggravated with her.  He was in another room but from his tone of voice I knew exactly what his hands were doing… flopping in exasperation like they do when he is trying not to show how aggravated he was. Another phone call with her and he was beside me in the computer room. I could hear her speaking over the top of him. I let it go, I said very loudly with him trying to cover the mouthpiece so she wouldn’t hear what I was saying “Maybe if you didn’t talk over him and listen you’d actually get something done”. She asked who it was and what was going on. He is ever the peacemaker and explained it was me, then left the room so I wouldn’t have any more outbursts.

Later on he told me that she thinks I am intolerant and controlling. Now I think she is right when it comes to her because I am intolerant of her because she abuses her friendship with my husband but she doesn’t see how irritating she can be. She also said that westerners are spoiled with silver spoons in our mouths. We don’t know how lucky we have it. That statement right there just makes my inner bitch want to throttle her. I don’t want to meet her and I know she’s scared of me so I used my inner bitch today on her. I answered the phone in a controlled tone of voice to let her know that he was busy. I fed into the concept this woman has about me. I know it isn’t the most mature thing to do but at least now I have her squirming.

Our house has horrible reception and she rang him on his mobile. He didn’t answer it because of that fact. He is going to make her wait another hour so he says. I almost rang her back but he unplugged the phone so I couldn’t do that.

I am not jealous of this woman. I know my husband doesn’t care about her in that way. He is not remotely interested in her. He is very caring and enjoys helping others. I can understand her needing help from him. I don’t get why though she is hesitant to call others who could help her on a help desk which is designed for people who use screen readers. She has an idea that she is going to be “labelled a client” which if she is what’s the fucking deal?!? Lots of people need help.

I know I am sounding a bit twisted. I frankly am because I know I should just let it go. I should not get all hung up about this inconsequential woman who doesn’t see how fucking demanding she can be. She doesn’t want to be labelled but doesn’t mind labelling others. She can’t see but that is only an excuse. People who are blind should know when they are being annoying. Nobody likes being rung up repeatedly and then be lectured about things. It just really galls me so yeah, I did the immature thing and made her squirm. I took pleasure from it. I would like to say I would do it again but I think hubby wouldn’t be pleased about me doing so even if his needy acquaintance deserves it.

The bitch came out in full force. I am not ashamed of this. I am bragging about it to the whole world. I know we all have an inner bitch and sometimes we just have to let her be unleashed!


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