Outrageous Ain’t Disgracious

Somebody get rid of the grammar police and distract them with something totally outrageous like an orgy on a parade float. I am totally sick of not doing something out of the

Parade Float three girls

Parade Float three girls (Photo credit: anyjazz65)

crazy or impulsive which is why I have titled this blog in the manner that I have.

Every once in a while, there comes a time when the ordinary can seem outrageous or bland. Who in the world decides what is outrageous and what is norm?

Why is okay for men to discuss sex or sensuality among each other but if a woman and a man do the same thing they can be made to feel shameful. It’s not like they are cheating on spouses or anything of that nature they are just having a good discussion. I was doing this the other day on skype with a good friend and he changed the subject. I was like why? He just felt uncomfortable. There was nothing to be embarrassed about but he changed the subject to mobile phones.

Other men though really relish the thought of being a bit naughty. They love the idea of having their cake and eating too. I don’t mind discussing sex or hypothetical situations of the erotic nature because let’s face it basically I am a sensual creature who doesn’t mind being outrageous with the best or worse of humanity.

I do have my no go zones. I don’t enjoy anal sex. I have been told that it can be quite pleasurable but I have had my ex try it on my on the sly. I am turned off to that sort of escapade entirely thanks to him. I can write torrid scenes about anal sex but personally I am not interested in the least. If a penis was meant to go in my anus, God would have made it a two way street and not a one way exit. I do have a vagina and boy does that like to be explored and was meant to be penetrated.

My mind likes to trip on all sorts of things and outrageous isn’t disgracious by any means especially if it’s about exploration of the erotic nature. Do you find being outrageous disgracious? If so how or why? 


2 thoughts on “Outrageous Ain’t Disgracious

    • I didn’t say anal sex was wrong but it’s not for me. I really don’t know what God intended but the sphincter muscle on the anus works one way. Things can be manipulated and people can enjoy it but I haven’t had a good experience though I am sure there are hundreds, thousands, perhaps even millions who love it up the ass.

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