After a month of holding back, staying quiet, being mindful of how discreet we had to be it was so good to finally have the sort of sexual encounter that literally had me feeling like honey. I am pretty sure being in our own bed had something to do with my reaction. I knew I could just let go. I could revel in the sensations you were putting me through. Your touch was like honey. You had me creating my own sort of honey too. I felt as if I were sticky but oh so sweet. When you went down on me it was as if you were a hummingbird collecting my nectar from a honeysuckle blossom.

It was as if I was honey. Every time I thought I had enough you just got me going again and again. I couldn’t get honey out of my mind. I kept chanting honey. It was as if we were feeding off of each others energy. You would give and I would take. I would give and you would take. I didn’t want the production to stop but eventually you gave in to your own honey exploding into my honey pot. 

I can’t wait for it to happen again. I anticipate our next encounter with each other when you are my honey and I am your honey. We’ll get all sticky, sweet, and indulge each others whims. Just let me know honey when you need another dip!


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