Pocket full of crazy

Pocket full of crazy heart full of love

Looking for direction but from where who knows not even from above

Got this craving not sure how it’s gonna get filled cuz I need a partner who’s not afraid to give.

Pocket full of crazy think it’s about to explode since it’s not getting expression & feeling compression maybe it’s an obsession when it comes to needing affection.

Pocket full of crazy overflowed 



I don’t want to be possessive
But I’ve ended up obsessive.
I’m feeling like a fool
As if I’ve broken all the rules
Cuz I know it takes two
But it seems like it’s all by your rules
I know it’s past time
I’ve got to break away from you
Not sure where you stand
But this is getting out of hand.
Are we on or are we off?
Are we friends or more than that?
Don’t stand there looking at me like I’m insane
You know you have to take some of the blame.
The silence is deafening
Still I am left questioning
Wondering what to do and hoping the answer will come up soon.

The Wave

At first I was afraid

The pull and push

The rush and the roarwave

Until I embraced the motion

Became entranced by the commotion

Why fight what can not be denied?

It is futile and will overwhelm until I am exhausted.

Best to go with the flow

Give in and enjoy the ride

Wait in anticipation for the next wave

Be enfolded and caressed

Let the force of it melt away the distress

Join the oscillation

until I crash onto the shore and wait again

to be explored.


Open the door to 504 since you are the one that I adore

 and wander in.

Look at the bed so inviting and nicely made just asking for a dalliance.

A new place to lay in all sorts of ways.

A new state to embrace and caress if you want to.

Come on and help me make a mess.

I am sure you won’t feel distressed

Let’s just get undressed and do what comes to mind.Image

Meeting Of The Minds

And so it goes I read your thoughts which touched my heart but not sure where to even start. I’m not scared to let you in. I know where I stand; I’m not about to bend.

Words exchange, they form the thoughts which we engage in and can be tantalized. I wait anxiously for your reply anticipating your thoughts hoping that our minds will meet again. Funny how words can fill you with hope. Funny how words can fill you with desire. Funny how words can fill you with dread.

Maybe I should have left this all unsaid. When will we have the meeting of the minds?



Let it go

Let’s take a deep breath then let it go


Always eager and always the last to know


You speak words of love yet don’t follow through


And you say that I am the one to leave you blue


Ignorance is bliss they often say


I wish my love and lust was not a game


Open my heart you say to me


I stand confused not sure what to do


To open my heart to you, I’d be a fool.


You wish to know me in ways divine.


I know if I were to do so, I would be crushed. It would not be sublime.


I need a lover who is strong and sure


Not a person who makes promises and couldn’t keep them at any time.


So I am the taker not the giver true,


Guess what mother fucker, this bitch is through with you!


A Love Heart

A Love Heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)