Pocket full of crazy

Pocket full of crazy heart full of love

Looking for direction but from where who knows not even from above

Got this craving not sure how it’s gonna get filled cuz I need a partner who’s not afraid to give.

Pocket full of crazy think it’s about to explode since it’s not getting expression & feeling compression maybe it’s an obsession when it comes to needing affection.

Pocket full of crazy overflowed 



I don’t want to be possessive
But I’ve ended up obsessive.
I’m feeling like a fool
As if I’ve broken all the rules
Cuz I know it takes two
But it seems like it’s all by your rules
I know it’s past time
I’ve got to break away from you
Not sure where you stand
But this is getting out of hand.
Are we on or are we off?
Are we friends or more than that?
Don’t stand there looking at me like I’m insane
You know you have to take some of the blame.
The silence is deafening
Still I am left questioning
Wondering what to do and hoping the answer will come up soon.